Welcome to Novakem

Specialist Agents and Distributors of high quality Industrial Chemicals

Novakem Ltd was founded in 2011 as a specialist provider of distribution services to the chemical industry. We are very proud to have agreements with both large and small players in the chemical sector which allows us to supply a unique product offering to our customers who are primarily in the Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and Textile Coating sectors.  Our aim as a company is to grow our business through the close relationships we have established with our customers and our suppliers.  We offer integrity with every business transaction, we strive to always deliver competitively priced quality products in a timely manner.

The chemical sector continues to evolve, with legislation like REACH having a profound effect on the industry in which we operate. Working with reliable suppliers , we have the confidence to know we can meet the exacting demands of our customers in terms of quality, regulation and continuity of supply.

A cliche it may be,  but we firmly believe that “people do business with people” and it is the relationships that we have worked hard to foster over  many years of working in this sector that has allowed us to build a reputation that both our customers and suppliers value.


Our Partners