Miwon Speciality Chemicals

Miwon HexagonBased in Korea and with a European HQ close to Dusseldorf, Miwon specialise in the manufacture of radiation curable resins and monomers.  Offering both acrylates and methacrylates, Miwon’s Miramer product range covers virtually all of the requirements of this constantly evolving market sector.  Miramer products are used in coatings applied to wood, plastic, electronic components as well as  inks, sealants and adhesives.




Key Product Groups :


  • Acrylate
  • Methacrylate


  • Urethane acrylate
  • Epoxy acrylate
  • Polyester acrylate
  • High Refractive Index
  • Silicone acrylate
  • Water soluble/water based
  • Dendritic
  • Adhesion promoters

Other specialities

  • Amine synergist
  • Sucrose benzoate
  • Epoxy diluents
  • Powder coating additive

Please contact us with any enquiries: 01565 633274